Welcome To My Fan Site!

I'm crazydisneylandfan.  Most of my viewers and fans know me mostly from my World of Color Recreation.  I have finally made a website where I can post my videos and pictures of my Recreations on Rct3!  I have recently just updated the entire site with new pictures and videos.  Enjoy and please become a member! 


Most Recent Project Announcement:

A brand new project is now underway and is taking place in my front yard!  World of Color has jumped out of RCT3 and into my front yard and this time you can actually view the show for real!  You can view a preview video at this link: A Brand New Project: World of Color - The Real Version

 Stay tuned for more updates! 

Most Recent News:

The new link for my custom scenery can be found under the custom scenery tab.  (Note you must be a member to access that tab.  Becoming a member is easy!  Just sign up!)